Unknown war



Operation on liberation of Mozyr' city and Kalinkovichy

Let me introduce my-self

Instead of preface for the autobiographic story Captivity

Captivity. Autobiographic story.



    The memoirs on pre-war youth, on working life in home front and at the front of a simple "Soviet" during the war.

    Hello, Dear visitors!

    Let me introduce my-self to you. I m a record-holder of Russian Internet (RuNet), Im 90. If you are not disturbed by this fact and if you are really interested in history of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 ( II Word War ) I would like to acquaint you with my memoirs. The unknown or obscure events of the War are shown in the light of personal emotional experience. The participants ans witnesses of hard war times, we are less and less numerous each year. That is not written and is not told will disappeare with us. I hope that the pages placed here, will keep the piece of the past for present and future generations.



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