Let me introduce my-self



Spring, 1946. War ahd captiviti - behing. Ahead - uncertainty.

In 55 years...

Anna Rybalkina, writer of the English text

     Dmitry B. Lomonosov - author of memoirs, before the war I was student of the Aviation School of Rostov city. But in spite of everything I graduated at it. Before March 1943 I have been in evacuation, then there were home front, aircraft works in Kazan city, front, voluntary service in Army, reserve cavalry regiment in Kovrov city, signal squadron of the  4th Gards cavalry division and signal section of the 11-th cavalry regiment, captivity, demobilization and hard post-war times without education, profession, home and relations... Then higher education, profession, work as a teacher in the Institute, senior research worker,  Now I am retired on a pension, I am writing memoirs. Probably it will be  of interest for you. I live in Moscow, I have two wonderful children and a girl-friend.

      Anna V. Rybalkina.  Born in 1974, interpreter. At present I work in the International Maritime Defence Show, IMDS-2003 in Saint-Petersburg. I like this city very much. I was born in Kazan, city on the Volga, capital of the Republique of Tatars. I m graduaded from Kazan State Pedagogical University, faculty of foreign languages. I speak Frech and English.  3 years ago I was employed as correspondent and productor for the "news" at the local television of Kazan and I was studying in the Internews school for television journalism in Moscow. In 1998  I could find a job as interpreter for the Sobolev ship   (cruise Moscou-Saint-Petersburg). Swiss and German tourists were resting there. Many of them were interested in Russian history and could listen to my stories on Russian life for many hours. I thank my family and my teachers who had given me so much strength and knowledge. I thank my husband who inspires me to  write


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